Welcome to the first floor – our pre-school series!  Here, you can expose your budding dancer or musician to interactive curriculum featuring live online access during our twice-weekly classes. Select your favorites from both big-person-and-me and/or kids-only formats.

be-boppin' baby


up to 18 months

Join the fun as you and your baby “be-bop" to their favorite nursery tunes. Hop, jump, and dance with common household items used to encourage creativity and imaginative play. This class is loads of fun for everyone and a great way to introduce your baby to movement and music!! 

*Parent or caregiver participation is required. Household supply list will be distributed each week.

let's make music


18 months to 3 years

This rollicking program is designed to integrate music and movement using common household items. Students and their “big person” will enjoy high-energy instruction while shaking, tapping, and clicking to the rhythms of their favorite music. This class introduces basic motor skills and movement coordination while learning to follow instructions. Let’s Make Music is an opportunity for you and your student to dance to the beat of your own drum!

*Parent or caregiver participation is required. Household supply list will be distributed each week.

toddler ballet


2-4 years old

Tip toe and twirl to your favorite nursery rhymes, familiar melodies, and Disney classics. This class is for the tiny dancer with big dreams! Students will learn basic ballet technique while being encouraged to use their imaginations. A wide variety of music and household props add to the playful learning environment. This class is a perfect introduction to ballet. 

*Ballet slippers and tutus welcome but not required. Household supply list will be distributed as needed.

introduction to dance

level 1
level 1
level 2
3:00pm - 3:45pm

level 1 - 3 years old

level 2 - 4-6 years old

These classes are for the young dancer with little or no experience.  Each 45-minute class is divided into two parts.  In tap, students will learn musicality and rhythm through basic tap skills and a "just for fun" dance to perform on the last day of the eight-class session (two classes per week). In ballet, students will learn basic ballet positions and creative movement with an emphasis on following simple dance instructions. Students will have the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity throughout the class. 

*Tap shoes and ballet slippers are encouraged but not required.

These are virtual dance classes. All "cvpa in 'da house" programming will be offered online through the Zoom video conferencing platform. A reliable internet connection and streaming device (computer, tablet, or phone) are required to participate. For an optimal experience, the device must have a functional speaker, microphone, and camera. There are no additional fees associated with Zoom access.

Classes should be experienced in a room in your house that is free from distractions. The space should be clear of sharp or hard objects that could disrupt an enthusiastic dancer. If the floor is slippery, consider wearing footwear or non-slip socks. For more on this, please see our HOW TO ZOOM page.

Some examples of items that may be found on our "Household Supply Lists" could include a dish towel or dusting cloth (to be used as a magical scarf) or a small jar/tin of beans or paper clips (to be used as a shaker). The Household Supply List will be sent to the classes that require it on a weekly basis.

You will receive a Zoom invite the night before the first class of the 4-week session. The invite will include the link you will use to access the class for the rest of the session. Please make sure to save the link as it will be the same link for the entire 4-week session. (We recommend saving the link to your preferred calendar app.) After the 4-week session is complete, the link will become void. You will need to go back to your Jack Rabbit Account Portal and register for another session on the EVENTS page to receive a new link. Visit our REGISTRATION page for more information.

$65 for 8 classes a month (2 classes a week)

Register with a BUDDY and receive a DISCOUNT!

$50/student for 8 classes (2 classes a week)

Our dis-DANCE program gives you the opportunity to take dance classes with friends near and far, right in the comfort of your home. Register for your class with your friend and you and your buddy will receive a discount on your tuition. It's a WIN-WIN! The Buddy Discount can be used during any session you register with a buddy! Use it session after session and SAVE.

PLEASE NOTE: Buddy Discount CANNOT be applied to one student taking two classes. The student must be registering with another student for the discount to apply.

Register Today!

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about cvpa:

Castro Valley Performing Arts is a family-oriented school that provides quality dance training in a positive, nurturing, and enthusiastic environment. Through classes, performances and unique educational experiences, our dancers learn essential life skills such as teamwork, responsibility, leadership, and time management. Whether dancing for recreation or seeking a professional career in the arts, CVPA strives to create a rewarding experience for every student. We are passionate about dance and about sharing our love for this art form with the next generation. For more information, please visit www.castrovalleyperformingarts.com.


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